Tel Aviv, often called “the city that never sleeps,” was the first modern Jewish city built in Israel, and is the country’s economic and cultural center. It is a lively, active city with entertainment, culture and art, festivals, and a rich night life.
Situated on a 14-kilometer-long strip on the Mediterranean seacoast, Tel Aviv extends beyond the Yarkon River to the north and the Ayalon River to the east. Hundreds of thousands of workers, visitors, tourists, and partygoers move about the city each day until the early hours of the morning, seeking out the city’s nightclubs, restaurants, and centers of entertainment.

Local Attractions:

Jaffa – The Orange of the East
Thousands of years of history come together in Jaffa, one of the world’s oldest cities and the birthplace of Tel Aviv. A center of tourism, food and fun, with an exotic Levantine ambience
Visit the Old port of Jaffa, the flea market and enjoy a meal at one of the fish restaurants.
Neve Tzedek – The Pioneers’ Preserve
Beautifully restored houses and streets preserve the romance of the early days of Jewish urban settlement. A walking tour of Neve Tzedek is a must for romantics, history lovers and fans of small, winding alleys.
Visit the The Nahum Gutman Museum, the Suzanne Dellal Centre of culture and the small cafes to see how a charming historic neighborhood survives surrounded by the skyscrapers of progress, enveloping a preserve of Jewish pioneering.
Hatachana Compound (The Station)
This beautiful compound was a train station on the Jaffa-Jerusalem line, located between the sea shore and the Neveh Zedek neighborhood and operated from 1892 to 1948. This was the first railway line between Little Asia and Egypt, this means the first transportation to replace the camel as the mode of transport for heavy loads taken over long distances in this region. In present day, the station complex went through development and rejuvenation to become one of the city’s most delightful places. With restaurants, coffee shops and bars, along with concept, fashion and design stores, this is a place definitely worth a visit.
“The White City”
It all started in the mid-1920s, when the young city of Tel Aviv began to signal that it was ready to start to be a metropolis. Now what was missing, thought city officials, was a unified architectural style. The decision of the style of the Bauhaus did not come out of the blue: Starting in the early 1930s, Tel Aviv became a home to several graduates of Europe’s top architectural schools, who drew their inspiration from the Modernist movement in architecture, primarily from the Bauhaus school of art and architecture in Berlin. This building project has come to be the world’s largest concentration of buildings in the International style of the Bauhaus.
In July, 2003, UNESCO proclaimed the “White City,” the unique urban and historical fabric of Tel Aviv, as a World Cultural Heritage site
Tel Aviv Port
70 years after its establishment, Tel Aviv’s Port became the city’s premier entertainment center, with dance clubs, cafes and restaurants at the water’s edge and great shops featuring the work of Israeli designers
Tel Aviv’s Markets
Tel Aviv’s markets are the best show in town, and they’re bustling all day long. A Middle Eastern mélange of tastes, scents, sounds, colors – and lots of people
The Carmel Market
For those who are mad about markets, this place is heaven.
And for fans of freshness, there could be no better destination – perfect parsley, the juiciest melons, the most marvelous mangoes. Not to mention the meat, the fish, the cheeses, the flowers – a true cornucopia of flavors and aromas.
The Flea Market
Bargains and Hidden Treasures in Jaffa – Antique furniture, handmade carpets, wooden statues, china dolls, colorful pillows, curtains, swords, narghilas, silver and copper items from the East (both Near and Far)
The Nahalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall
Twice a week, in a laid-back, urban atmosphere, Israel’s main crafts fair showcases an amazing array of unique, locally made items
Tel-O-Fun – Ride around Tel Aviv
The city of Tel Aviv joined other large European cities and is now offering bikes for rent. The project called Tel-O-Fun offers hundreds of bikes for rent, at rental stations across the city, in a simple, efficient and convenient way. Tel-O-Fun rental stations are spread throughout the city, you can rent a bike, ride to your destination, and return the bike to any Tel-O-Fun station in the area, ready to serve the next rider.The Tel-O-Fun bikes are available 24 hours a day, in a self-service format. No need to order in advance. For further information, please click here